Railroad Line Forums  One of the first places to discuss my kits and where most people first learned of my existance...until now. It is a great source of information and inspiration where everyone tries to help each other with all things model railroad related regardless of expertise, age or gender.

Model Railroad Forums Another great community to discuss everything model railroad centric with strong emphasis on craftsman kits and craftsman modelling.

Craftsman Structure Show 2010 Nov. 10 to 13 - I will be there with all of my kits which will be available for sale.

Christine Wendel Farrugia Artist, "neighbour", and my occasional link to the information super highway from the farmland.

CoolStuffStudios.NET  James A. Powell's web site that was the first to display my kits on the web in a organized manner with ordering info.
You can see the original here please note however that prices have changed since the pages were first put up.